Guisborough Evangelical Church, loving and serving God together, sharing His love in Jesus with those around us, pictures of the Market Cross, Westgate and the Priory Guisborough Evangelical Church


Morning Worship

Every Sunday, from 10.30 am

In the church.

Everyone is welcome!

Informal Worship

Every Sunday, from 6 pm

Currently following an overview of the Bible, God's Big Picture, by Vaughan Roberts

There are 9 instalments:

  1. The Pattern of the Kingdom
  2. The Perished Kingdom
  3. The Promised Kingdom
  4. The Partial Kingdom - People, Rule and Blessing
  5. The Partial Kingdom - Place and King
  6. The Prophesied Kingdom
  7. The Present Kingdom
  8. The Proclaimed Kingdom
  9. The Perfected Kingdom

God's Big Picture videos, talk outlines and bible study materials on the Clayton TV website.

In the church.

Everyone is welcome!

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